Thursday, March 26, 2009

Wooden Pins

These are a variety of layered, wood pins I've made out of some of the beautiful scrap pieces of exotic woods from my husband's workshop. Many have both a magnetic holder and a tradition pin backing. The magnetic hold is nice when I want to wear one on a jacket and don't want to poke a hole in it. The down side to a magnetic holder is throwing a jacket over a metal framed chair may secure it more than I planned! I've had to pry it away on occasion!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Foam Cornices

This is a project from a few years ago...I did it using the 2" dense foam, stencils and a dremel tool. I wanted to create a cornice but because we have block or brick wall I had to attach to the wood frame around my windows so decided to try a create a dimensional cornice for my bathroom window that could be support by shelf brackets attached to the wood frame. I would be easy to make any design or lettering and tape the design or use repositional adhesive sprayed on the back to hold it in place and dremel's fairly quick and a fun project...I thought of building a faux mantle doing the same thing. The thicker foam has a tongue and groove feature so I took advantage of it on top. The "stone" color was sponged on using a mottling of gray and white.