Saturday, August 28, 2010

Hoffhaus Gardens and 1910 Secret Coffeehouse

We have a wonderful little coffeehouse in Alliance, Nebraska that is a favorite of ours and it has a great eclectic vibe to it and it's nestled inside a I took some pictures the other day and played with them in one of my drawing programs to create scenes that had more of an illustrated and watercolor's one of them.

If you're in the sure to stop by...their website is 1910 Secret Coffeehouse.

The greenhouse is celebrating a hundred years in business...
and they look great for their age!

This picture has more of a watercolor feel and is a beautiful, restful vignette in front of the pond.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Jewelry Art

I'm always looking for ways to enjoy jewelry rather than it just sitting tucked away in my jewelry armoire so I'm sharing some ways I'm enjoying necklaces I have.
I bought this vintage piece yesterday and it matched by shirt so closely I didn't want to wear it on the shirt so decided I would wear my chain looped around a belt loop and the other end tucked in the pocket...kinda funky but I'm likin' it!

These necklaces had an obvious theme with the elephants on them and I love having them hanging in the living room to enjoy!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Miniature Chair

I've been in a decoupage mode and feel compelled to alter things and give them a new lease on this chair was one of those projects. It started as a white, ordinarty 11" wooden chair. I used some coffee-themed paper and cut a mosaic tile pattern for the seat and the upper back and then cut strips of the paper to cover long narrow areas. After sealing it with a matte finish I used a turquoise glazing and some brown paint to allow some the copy to show through. I love how it turned out and the dragonflies add a little touch of whimsy.