Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Romantic Crochet Wrist Cuff

So I found this adorable crocheted cuff pattern from an Etsy shop called Magenta Sky Studio where she offers a variety of knit and crochet items she makes as well as the pattern for this beautiful cuff so being a crocheter I bought the pattern a couple of days ago.

I used what I had available and thankfully knew where my crochet hooks were since it had been awhile and away I went...a relatively quick project. As I looked at my multi-colored creation (a litle bulkier than her delicate version), I realized it could be a fun way to enjoy wearing some of my gorgeous pins so I opted not to attach the medallion that is shown on the original pattern (though I do intend to make one like it...because I love it!) and many of you who have followed some of my posts know I love to find different ways to wear my jewelry pieces...so this may inspire you to want to make something similar. Thanks for stopping by!

I wore this vintage pin today...it's such a great Judy Lee piece!

I think the black will set off many of my pins...I'm going to get a lot of mileage out of this design!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

BYOB Project - Construction Details

I meant to do this sooner, but just been hammered this past month so finally here are some additional ideas and suggestions related to the BYOB project converting t-shirts into usable bags!

First I'll show what I did with the pretty blue bag featured in the earlier post.

To create the curve, I folded the shirt in half and used the pins to help determine the curve...of course it could just be sewn straight across. A reminder...you must use your STRETCH STITCH to ensure the bag will stand up to the wear and tear of heavy objects.

I used a white bar of soap (courtesy of a motel stay!) which makes it easy to see on darker fabric and it will wash out, too! So, after marking both sides you can unpin and sew...I also used a decorative stretch stitch just for fun.

To cut the collar and widen the top opening I used a plate as a template...depending on the size of the shirt you may need to vary the size...pan lids would work great, too!

I uaed my pinking shears to cut through the sleeve leaving about 2 inches attached at the top so I can add a key clip and a place to hang my recycled tie cell phone holder. If you don't want to do that you can just cut off both sleeves.

The piece I've cut out I use to create a tie at the top of each sleeve to gather and hold them together.

I cut off the other sleeve completely.

I used my trusty bar of soap to mark off about one inch fringe strips.

I folded the shirt in half again and put a marker on my scissors and did some decorative slits in the main body of the shirt (which I later used for my ribbon assortment!

I even used the collar by fringing it (I eyeballed it) and decided it might be just the right size to put over a small lamp shade and realized it was a great place to hang my fishhook earrings...bonus! It would also be an adorable necklace for a little girl...you could even add some pony beads.

I have provided a pdf file with instructions to create a flat bottom bag, too, click here to get it and quick reminders on the details shown in this post...have fun and remember, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!