Saturday, July 31, 2010

Make this easy Awning!

Notice the difference with adjusting the angle of the pvc pipe. The awning is lightweight enough not to require any securing of the pipe.

Just sharing an idea I have in my little's a simple awning design...the material is wrapped around a simple 1" square wood dowel and a rod pocket put in toward the bottom. In the rod pocket I use pvc pipe cut to the width of the material, two pvc elbows and two shorter pieces...the length of those pieces really depend on the look you prefer. If you want more drama a length of 8-10 inches may suit you, if you want less obvious you could try 4-6 inches...the pictures also show that you can change the angle of the pvc on the wall to try different looks...create your own bistro! You can also do this with a curtain valance as well...Give it a go...share pics!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Decoupage Chair Project

Another recycling project...I saved some images from a Mary Englebreit calendar I had a few years ago and used those to give a new personality to this little child's's sturdy but a little rough and armed with paper images and Modge Podge, away I went!

Blackboard Paint

I needed to recoat a blackboard I bought recently so while I was at it I decided to sand and coat the top of an old footstool. It's a great way to give a new and different life to something that might be headed to the dumpster...I think it could be fun at a porch entry or a place for kids to be creative.

I painted with a brushed on two coats of Krylon Blackboard Paint (around $10 a quart) on and after 24 hours of drying time you can create to your hearts delight!