Thursday, October 7, 2010

Upcycled Jewelry and Etsy find

So I wanted to share some pics of a necklace I made from other older, reclaimed necklaces that didn't really jazz me...and I added some little black beads as spacers...I love the colors and it works with many things I wear not that I have a shortage of jewelry choices but in spite of that don't you often find you are still looking for just the right combination of colors.

Then I found this sweet little vintage set on Etsy. It is a clip-on pair of earrings and decorative clip for creating a pendant effect with a beaded necklace so I thought I would show how pretty it is on a necklace and it creates a fun and different look, too!

I love vintage (and new) jewelry and creating my own special treasures. This treasure was found at YesterdaysMemories09 Etsy shop.

Enjoy and save those old necklace and give them a new. recycled life!

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