Monday, April 11, 2011

LKC - Laura's Kooky Creations!

So not everything I do is "kooky" but I must confess it is fun to create a variety of personalities with found objects that get assembled and given a life unknown to them previously. And it often brings a smile (and perhaps a raised eyebrow or two). It's a refreshing diversion from the massage office especially when I'm slammed as is typical for this time of year. So I'm getting closer to completion but for now here is the motley crew! So I'm still trying to decide on names. The camera character I'll call Brownie. The fondue pot...Sunny...the other two...not sure yet. Any suggestions? Brownie (which is the camera name, so not very original) but the fella behind her still needs a name... Sunny...she's simple and cheerful! And I'm not sure what name to give the Garden Girl...

They join Rosie (my firstborn), Hootie, Aladdin and Pinnochio (though P has a new home now).

Hootie the Owl

Aladdin the Thermodoor (part thermos, part doorstop!)



  1. I think these are the cutest little creations! They remind me of those cute little ufos/robots in "Batteries not included". LOVE your firstborn the best!

  2. Thanks Darcy! Glad you stopped by to visit and thank to Heather M for the name suggestion for my Garden Girl who will be called Flora!

  3. Laura I just posted a link to your post on my Facebook page as i just love your Motley Crew! I followed you here from a discussion post on Origami. Just gotta love the amazing things you see on the www that you would never see otherwise - I'm an Aussie and from the other side of the world from you. xx


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