Wednesday, March 14, 2012

DIY - Large Tissue Paper Flower

I thought I would share how I created this wall flower which measures about 32" other words, it's HUGE! It's fun and playful and over the top.

For the largest outer petals I use the full sheet of tissue paper
For the middle petals I use 2/3 of the sheet and
for the smallest inner petals I use half.


  1. OH Laura!! what are you like?? They are great and come to think of it, I'm sure I have some crepe paper here somewhere????

    1. Some days you might not want to know what I'm like! Thanks for commenting! Hope you get to make some!

  2. These are wonderful. THANK YOU for sharing with us. Will be making some soon.HUGS.

  3. Have fun my fellow crafters and thanks for taking time to leave some blog love!

  4. How many pieces of the tissue paper did you use? I would love to make these for my daughters upcoming flower birthday party!:)


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