Thursday, November 5, 2015

Vintage Accents - Lamps, curtains and clock

We have a growing collection of unique lamps and other vintage treasures that adorn our shop and make it part museum and part store. It is fun to see the vast variety in teapots, lamps and clocks. Here are a few pieces we our enjoying. 

 Such a fun lamp! Love the little lantern look. It has a regular sized socket in it though you could put a low wattage bulb in so it serves as a soft accent light. I love that feature in many vintage lamps that have a soft night light that lights the globe or glass accents.

 Picked up this fun clip on lamp shade and found it a home on this little lamp.
 Great vintage curtain panels from an estate. Found their way into my little hideaway room at the shop.

 And what a fun clock! It runs so quiet and has a wonderful presence!

 Do you remember pole lamps? Oh yeah!

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