Monday, November 22, 2010

Recycling on a whole new level!

I was inspired by an incredible and fun (and prolific) artist on Etsy named Will W. and he brings recycled things to life! You will have fun and be inspired by visiting his Etsy shop called Reclaim2Fame.

His work inspired me to do a very different recyclying project from the previous ones posted here...enjoy and be inspired! I've named her Rosie.

Some of the items include brass candlesticks, an exotic wood yoyo made by husband which he graciously donated to a higher cause, a vintage brooch and tin and miscellaneous beads and jewelry's a little girly compared to the shop that inspired me but you get the basic idea of giving these items a new lease on life, things that would otherwise be subjugated to a lonely separate life in a box or drawer now proudly stand as one!

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